Hey friends,
So my website is about two years out of date. I will do an update/overhaul eventually, but I'm hiding in Alaska until the fall. So for now—

These days, my creative outlets are mostly focused around writing narrative vignettes from the perspective of Honeybucket portable toilets.

I've been pondering silence, and am also drawing a comic called Day Jobs in which I interview people with interesting dual lives.

If you want to know everything about what I have been up to and why, I gave a lecture about my work for Microsoft's Artist Lecture Series. My presentation is called What is Home?, and is about Calvin and Hobbes, glacial erratic boulders, medieval mercenaries, stuffed penguins, germanic word roots, humane foie gras raising techniques, upholstered dinosaurs, The Princess Bride/Inigo Montoya, Alaska, the choice to not take photos, Bjork vs. Belle and Sebastian, trash cans full of glitter, ponies at slumber parties, Wile E Coyote, breakups, poetry, Antarctica, bicycle travel, The Wind in the Willows, observatories in West Texas, The Phantom Tollbooth, braided river bars, murals, Kurt Vonnegut, stamps.com, and a whole bunch of other things.

New site coming eventually, but for now here's a sampling of what I've been up to. These projects aren't actually posted anywhere on this site:

-Being interviewed for The Artist Rolls podcast
-Balancing books on my head with Eric Olson for Microsoft Research's Gigapixel Art Zoom Project
-Collecting hair ties for six months for What We Make When We're Not Making: An Exploration of Downtime in the Creative Process... As Explained by Hairties, an illustrated performance at the Breadline Speaker Series
-Giving an educationally informative performance about bike touring, nutella, gangsta rap, and George Michael in Gotta Have Faith: The Single Lady's Guide to Solo Long Distance Bike Travel at Weird and Awesome
-Getting my mind blown by various On the Boards shows and then and writing/performing responses. Here's the first one I did on my own, and then here are collaborative responses with Eric Olson in which we did such things as play ping pong, play paper telephone about Checkov, and and talk about our deepest relationship insecurities while playing twister (apparently we like to respond to performance art through playing games?), and I made a paper doll of Eric and brought it with me to the performance when he was out of town
-Being interviewed by Obey
-Staging a geurilla Bingo game with Whitney Ford-Terry and Laura Elizabeth Becker at John Boylan's conversation series
-Taking a video crew on a field trip to the Zoo for an interview with Manifest NW.

....and a whole lot more.

So... Yeah. Still painting, but not so much just a painter these days.

And yes I am still working on my graphic novel about Antarctica. But it's going to take me at least a few years, so I have no physical progress to show yet, just a lot of research reading.

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