Hey friends! I'm somewhat in hiding right now because I'm working on a nonfiction graphic novel about my Chinese grandmother and it's going to take me at least a few more years, but please poke around and explore...

I'm a genre hopper and work in a bunch of different disciplines, but these days I am doing a lot of illustrated, research-based public speaking about little-known badass women at the turn of the century, and am very interested in the deep history of rugged femininity. I also recently wrote a piece about bike travel and feminism for the Washington Post.

Here are some links to a cross section of projects to get you started: *Orion * WWMWWNM * In the Eye of the Storm * Day Jobs * Field Studies * How Goes the Battle? * Hold On Tight!

I'm also deeply fascinated by the concept of home, so here are projects that specifically explore what it means to belong to a place: What Is Home? * This Is My Home * No Place Like Home

If you'd like to see what I'm up to, follow me on Instagram or shoot me an email so I can add you to my mailing list. Hugs, Tessa

Tessa Hulls