Tessa Hulls

After almost a decade of work, Feeding Ghosts is out! You can buy it HERE. And here are pieces on it in The New York Times, The Stranger, SF Chronicle, LA Review of Books, Boston Globe, and The Associated Press.

I'm out on book tour for the next few months, so check my schedule here

I work in many different genres--often simultaneously--and know that makes my site a bit hard to navigate, so if you want to get a sense of what I do, I recommend starting with THIS multidisciplinary solo show at the Santa Cruz MAH, THIS essay about becoming "The Girl Who Bikes to Weddings," THIS comic explaining how I fell (rode?) into a side career giving illustrated lectures on female adventurers in the early 1900s, THIS comics essay about my dead friend's favorite book, THIS comic about being constructively pissed off, THIS presentation using hair ties to explain the necessity of down time in the creative process, and THIS article about how I accidentally ended up a viral comics journalist.

To stay in the loop about progress on Feeding Ghosts, your best bet is to follow me on Instagram (though I'm being a curmudgeon and hiding from social media right now)