Interviews and Press:

Feeding Ghosts
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
"A work that glimmers with insight, acumen, and an unwillingness to settle for simple answers... In her willingness to examine each troubling detail, the author is painstakingly thorough and relentlessly honest... From start to finish, this book is a revelation."

Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"Hulls’s epic, elegantly etched graphic memoir debut tangles with trauma’s long tentacles as she follows three generations of her family...The result is a revelatory work as layered as the history it explores."

Booklist (starred review)
"Artist/writer/adventurer Hulls presents her debut graphic memoir in 400 dense, black-and-white pages that explore (and expose) mental illness, dysfunctional bonds, inherited trauma, and cultural disconnects across three generations."

International Examiner
"Hulls’ skill at visualizing metaphor and emotion is phenomenal, sweeping the reader into the beautiful, terrible world she depicts. It’s a harrowing experience. This is a history rife with suffering, loss, death. But it’s not all a tragedy. Hulls tells a story about real people and their real lives, so there are moments of gentleness, joy, and humor throughout. Despite the confusion and hurt she’s lived through, her memoir unfolds with remarkable empathy.
She searches not for revenge or apology, but for understanding... It’s an astonishing work of art and a true labor of love."

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